Fulfilling our vision and mission and TSE-EN-ISO 9001: For meeting 2015 Quality Management System Requirements;

  • Continuously improving expectations, requests and satisfaction of our customers by establishing a strong communication and being a customer-oriented enterprise,
  • Establishing relations with higher added value on the basis of mutual benefits in our supply relations
  • Time is one of our resources that should be prioritized. We are working in a systematic, planned and efficient fashion based on data in our operations for a realistic approach for decision-making mechanisms and using time better in our establishment.
  • "Quality begins with education and continues with education." Increasing the capabilities of our employees for ensuring continuous development and improvement and maintaining our competitive structure and ensuring them to participate in management,
  • Protecting internal and external environment in our enterprise, ensuring occupational safety and health,
  • Adopting a process-oriented approach in all our operations
  • Being leaders that will make required changes by boosting the efficiency of the current processes

Spreading this awareness to our employees is our quality policy.

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About us


Established in 1999, Üstün Ambalaj Ltd.Şti. produces all kinds of and all sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes and parcels such as corrugated cardboard, box, parcel, separator, cellophane separator, triplex, offset box, partition, corrugation, dimensional corrugation, angle iron, gray cardboard, etc.

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Address: Yazıbaşı Mah.9217 Sokak No: 1 Yazıbaşı-Torbalı/İZMİR
Telephone: +90 (232) 853 93 85 / +90 (232) 853 88 15 / +90 (232) 853 98 05 / +90 (232) 853 88 94

Fax : +90 (232) 853 97 76

Mail : info@ustunambalaj.com.tr

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