Corrugated cardboard

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Corrugated cardboard is one of the most important packaging items produced from paper found in the 20th century. Corrugated cardboard made up of corrugated board (fluting) connecting two flat cardboards (liner) has a very resistant structure against shock and pressure. It may have more resistance to shock and pressure according to the distance between corrugations, the number of corrugations, the number of corrugated layers and thickness of cardboard. Gray Cardboard, Chromate Cardboard, Duplex or Triplex Cardboards and Straw Cardboard are used as packaging material in cardboard group. In terms of production material, you can use our products with a mind at peace under our environmentalist stance as Üstün Ambalaj industry. You can contact Üstün Ambalaj sales representative for getting a price quote for corrugated cardboard models, pricing of corrugated cardboard and other details. We are continually working for adding value to your business and creating top quality.

What are the types of corrugated board (corrugated cardboard)?

We can categorize corrugated boards (cardboard) under four headings:

  • Single faced corrugated cardboard
  • Single wave corrugated cardboard
  • Double waves corrugated cardboard
  • Three waves corrugated cardboard

What are corrugation types in the corrugated board (corrugated cardboard)?

We can list corrugation types as follows:

  • A wave (coarse wave)
  • B wave (fine wave)
  • C wave (medium wave)
  • E wave (microwave)
  • K wave (very coarse wave)

What are the papers used in the production of corrugated cardboard?

We can list paper types of corrugated cardboard as follows:

  • Straw fluting
  • Linear
  • Kraft linear
  • Test linear

What are the dry types of corrugated cardboard as to their production types?

We can categorize the types of cardboard boxes as to their production types:

  • Slotted type corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Interlaced type corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Folded type corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Sliding type corrugated cardboard boxes

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